Merry Christmas 2016

XMas 2016

I know it’s a bit quiet here right now …

So let’s fill this empty space with the best wishes of InVitro Banana for 2017 😀

2016 was a tough but also exciting year. And I want to say thanks to Solitude Ravencrow :Apocalyptic Folk: and Katanga Models for the chance to create some awesome art together.

Merry Christmas whereever you are! And a successful year 2017 🙂

Christian | InVitro Banana

Kowalski Cargo – replica from the German sci-fi movie “Die Sturzflieger”

Scale Model Kowalski Cargo Die Sturzflieger

Replica of the hero’s ship “Kowalski” from the German sci-fi movie “Die Sturzflieger” (released 1995). At a scale of 1/72 the miniature is fully functional with interior lights and flickering engines.

Suddenly our colonies went dark …

Miniature - Battlestar Galactica Nebula

Miniature of the famous Battlestar Galactica from the same-named TV show with hand painted background

Billboard inspired by the German Movie “Die Sturzflieger”

Scale Model Billboard - detail

This miniature is a replica of the FX model used for the German sci-fi movie “Die Sturzflieger”, realised using an digital 7″ photo frame for the changing ads, combined with a mounting on an asteroid base. The photo frame is fully functional to show image files stored on a SD-card.