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  • Welcome to InVitro Banana

    What is InVitro Banana?

    InVitro Banana stands for a team of freelancing artists which share the same passion for digital images and content creation. InVitro Banana is not a network or a portal. Instead, it offers a playground – some kind of gallery – to present these artists in their creative diversity, and to serve them as a common basis for larger projects.

  • Custom model building

    Miniatures, Big-atures, props … call them what you want. But, beside computer generated images, custom models are still an important part of visual effects.

    Check out our gallery to see some great models in studio quality.

  • Illustrations

    From photo manipulation to computer generated images. Magazins, book covers, DVDs or CDs – they all benefit from digital illustrations.

    Even empty walls …

What we do – The gallery

InVitro Banana is home of some really talented artists. Each of them demonstrates their own unique style in the artwork they create. If you like, you might have a look into the gallery section. Here you will find a short overview about our work on miniatures and computer generated images. If you are interessted in our work, or if you want to join us, please send us an e-mail with the relevant data, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Christian Schumann

Marco Mädler

Jörg Herbst

What’s new?

  • Artist interview on 3dtotal (9/8/2017) - Christian was invited from 3dtotal to answer some questions about his work with Cinema 4D and Vue 🙂 You can find his interview on 3dtotal.
  • New 3dtotal Excellence Award (7/21/2017) - Awesome! Christan got an 3dtotal Excellence Award for his image “Finding A Shelter”. It’s already his second award and front page content on 😀
  • Katanga Models and InVitro Banana at the German Space Travel Exhibition (3/27/2017) - Marco and Jörg present their models and props as a special exhibition along the German Space Travel Exhibition in Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz. With them they have a bunch of images from InVitro Banana. So have a look … 🙂
  • Merry Christmas 2016 (12/21/2016) - I know it’s a bit quiet here right now … So let’s fill this empty space with the best wishes of InVitro Banana for 2017 😀 2016 was a tough but also exciting year. And I want to say thanks to Solitude Ravencrow :Apocalyptic Folk: and Katanga Models for the chance to create some awesome […]

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If you have any questions please contact us using our social network accounts or via e-mail. If you like what we’re doing feel free to like it, favore it or share it.


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