Welcome to InVitro Banana

InVitro Banana stands for a team of freelance artists which share the same passion for visual effects, model and prop making.

It offers a playground – some kind of gallery – to present these artists in their creative diversity, and to serve them as a common basis for larger projects.

Custom model building

Miniatures, Big-atures, props … call them what you want. But, beside computer generated images, custom models are still an important part of visual effects.

Check out our gallery to see some great models in studio quality.


From photo manipulation to computer generated images. Magazines, book covers, DVDs or CDs – they all benefit from digital illustrations.

Even empty walls …

Models for printing

Ever thought about holding your own prototypes in your hands to proof them? Well, 3D-printing seems to be your choice.

What is InVitro Banana?

Okay, you have found us. So, who is InVitro Banana?

There are, me – Christian – a passionate 3D artist and illustration artist. Then the model makers Jörg and Marco, the creative minds behind Katanga Models. And Daniel, founder of Craft Club and master of 3D printing and electronics.

We’re always looking for new friends and opportunities. So, if you want to join us or work with us, get in touch!

Christian Schumann – InVitro Banana

Hi! I’m Christian. And I’m a 3D modelling artist and illustration artist.

I love to build large illustrations. Here I can combine two of my favorite interests, landscapes and science fiction. With an illustration you can create a whole world in a single image. Further I can use many techniques to get the result I want – 3D modelling, painting, photo manipulation, etc.

I don’t call myself a 3D generalist. I think, in this industry it is not possible not to specialize on something.

Illustrations for various projects

Modelling and sculpting

Jörg Herbst & Marco Mädler – Katanga Models

Jörg and Marco are very talented model makers and prop builders. With those guys, InVitro Banana came in contact with visual effects, you can touch.

As model maker for film, Jörg is specialized in large custom models. His portfolio ranges from out of the box model kits to full scratch built models in studio quality.

Marcos portfolio contains highly detailed 3D models, illustrations as well as great custom miniatures – built from model kits, completely kitbashed or from scratch.

He won’t admit it. But, his talents reaches from well-founded modelling skills in 3D packages to great skills in model making. Every time with an eye for details at the right place and a feeling for interesting shapes.

His gallery show samples of both worlds – digital illustrations and manual model building.

Scale models and Custom builds

Prop and model building with Daniel from CraftClub

If you are building 3D models for more than 20 years, the feeling to hold one of them literally in your hand is unimaginable.

Craftclub Joessnitz Logo Medium

In 2018 InVitro Banana finally arrived in the new century. We teamed up with Daniel from CraftClub Jößnitz to pull our virtual models into reality.

What sounds a bit emotional pushes us to a whole new level of model making. Daniel provides us with perfect 3D prints, whether large parts printed with FDM or highly detailed models via DLP.

Further, he’s some kind of electronic magician and the electric force is always with him.

From Print to Build DockRing Render
3D model created and rendered in a modelling packages as basis for the print
From Print to Build DockRing
The final 3D print as part of a larger prop build
From Print to build frame render
3D model created and rendered in a modelling packages as basis for the print
From print to build frame
3D printed model combined with metal parts
From print to build hover drone render
Rendered image of a high poly 3D model
From print to build hover drone diorama
Finished diorama using the 3D printed model and some Tamiya ground crew parts

News and Updates

  • We teamed up with CraftClub Jössnitz
    For common projects we teamed up with Daniel from CraftClub Jößnitz. He provides us with awesome 3D prints built up from custom 3D models.
  • New gallery entries
    I've uploaded some new images into the gallery. 
  • Artstation account for InVitro Banana
    For those who like to get in contact via Artstation I've set-up an account there. Feel free to comment on my artwork of leave a message. www.artstation.com/invitrobanana Also, I've created a short resume with my bio and skills so far: invitrobanana.artstation.com/resume  
  • New gallery exhibition 01/2018
    From 12th to 28th January I'm presenting my best VFX and concept artwork along with some awesome miniatures from Jörg Herbst and Marco Mädler from Katanga Models at the Galerie Forum K | Plauen. So, if you are interested in visual effects, concept art and computer generated images, feel free to drop by, have a look and …a beer of couse 🙂
  • Happy New Year 2018!
    InVitro Banana wishes a happy new year and all the best for 2018! It was an incredible year for me with a bunch of awesome projects and a lot of new friendships. A special thanks goes to Jörg Herbst and Marco Mädler from Katanga Models, who invited me to join their exhibition at the German Space Travel Exhibition. Awesome work … Read more