Jörg Herbst & Marco Mädler – Katanga Models

Jörg Herbst Custom Modeller

Jörg and Marco are very talented model makers and prop builders. With those guys, InVitro Banana came in contact with visual effects, you can touch.

As model maker for film, Jörg is specialized in large custom models. His portfolio ranges from out of the box model kits to full scratch built models in studio quality.

Marco Mädler Custom Modeller

Marcos portfolio contains highly detailed 3D models, illustrations as well as great custom miniatures – built from model kits, completely kitbashed or from scratch.

He won’t admit it. But, his talents reaches from well-founded modelling skills in 3D packages to great skills in model making. Every time with an eye for details at the right place and a feeling for interesting shapes.

His gallery show samples of both worlds – digital illustrations and manual model building.

Scale models and Custom builds