Joerg Herbst, Custom Modeller, Miniature Artist

With Jörg Herbst, InVitro Banana came in contact with visual effects, you can touch. Jörg joined us in late 2014. Since then, he filled our gallery with great shots of custom models.

His first encounter with Sci-Fi-models was in the early 80s and continues until today. His portfolio ranges from out of the box model kits to full scratch built models in studio quality.

In the 1990s Jörg got a lot of experience in building models for visual effects joining a team of model makers for feature films and TV-shows.

In the more recent past he became specialized on remote controlled science fiction vehicles build up from scratch.

Preferred Tools

  • Get him a hammer and each problem looks like a nail.

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Jörgs scale models

Scale models and miniatures for VFX